Turkey and Russia are preparing for a large-scale war in Syria

Russia and Turkey may be embroiled in a war in Syria.

A few hours ago it became known that Turkey began to pull its heavy weapons into Syria. We are talking about self-propelled artillery mounts M110, which, having a caliber of more than 200 mm., Can inflict tremendous damage, given the active support of the Syrian army from Russia, experts do not exclude that Turkish artillery may well begin to strike at positions of Russian troops, especially against the backdrop of an active confrontation in Libya itself.

Currently, the reasons for pulling heavy Turkish weapons to Syria remain unknown, however, experts pay attention to recent information that the Syrian army, together with the Russian military, is preparing for the start of a new large-scale military operation against militants and terrorists in Idlib province, although there are official confirmations this is not.

It should be noted that Turkey is trying to actively confront the Syrian military in the region, and Ankara is perhaps only restrained by this agreement with Russia, however, given the fact that Turkey has not yet fulfilled its obligations reached 3 months ago, and the militants continue terrorize the local population, there is a possibility. that Russia will break current agreements with Ankara and begin, together with the Syrian military, a new offensive operation in the region.