Turkey may intervene in the conflict in Donbass

Ankara can assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine in seizing the DPR and LPR.

Turkish intervention in the armed conflict in Donbas could completely change the course of hostilities in the region. This is probably not only about the supply of Turkish weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also about the provision of the required military assistance and support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ultimately, this will lead to the fact that the forces of the DPR and LPR will be completely defeated.

As noted by Russian journalists, the appearance of Turkish attack drones in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine can already make significant changes to the situation in Donbass. To date, at least three cases of the appearance of Bayraktar TB2 drones over the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic are known, in two cases of which the drones freely flew over Donetsk and its environs. This demonstrates the inability of the militia to resist such drones.

“It is possible to talk a lot and for a long time about the fight against them, but I will try to touch upon the main thing. In my opinion, the air defense systems that were in service with the defenders of Artsakh turned out to be almost completely useless. We are talking about 9K33 "OSA", 9K35 "Strela-10" or MANPADS "Igla". They caught fire before they could make an effective shot at an aerial target. The Syrian experience of combating such threats suggests that air defenses respond well to the approach of Bayraktar if such complexes as Buk, Pantsir and Tor are in service. Is there something similar in service with the republics of Donbass? Not sure", - the newspaper "Regnum" quotes the opinion of journalists.

In turn, Turkey can provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with other kinds of assistance, for example, by transferring its tanks and combat aircraft to the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, the latter poses an even greater threat than drones, since with the weapons available to Turkish fighters, strikes on Donbass can be delivered outside the zone of destruction of air defense systems of the DPR and LPR

And if the word "Turkey" is replaced by "Russia" - will the meaning change?

Any antediluvian fighter is enough for all tractors to fall down.
In Artsakh, aviation was not raised, allowing the tractors to frolic to their heart's content.
And they did not want to spoil relations with anyone there, so the showdown was local.
Immediately, without introducing any means, you can either jam or shoot down their drones without crossing the borders - of course, by unidentified means of the unrecognized republics.

read listen and think or be silent if you are a man

Well, what a question, such is the answer. The LPR and DPR will also have tanks and aircraft. For the required time. Of course, Russia has nothing to do with it. We are not a party to the conflict. As well as amers. And the Turks will then experience a very unpleasant aftertaste from all this for a long time. If they recover at all ...

Where did you come from, so funny?

Napoleon also had similar plans, but they were not destined to come true.

Turkey climbs into any conflicts (Syria, Armenia, Libya, Ukraine, etc.) and often quite successfully. Erdogan did not agree on something with Putin and immediately created problems for us with Donbass, now we will have to concede something to him, considering he has already won.

There is a proverb (among the shepherds) .... -If the bull starts to kick up, then he has one way to go to meat. Turkey is starting to tire .... -I shouldn't be like that.

your turkey will simply be reduced to ashes nuclear

Germany, too, thought so at 41

It's a pity for Kiev. Such was the beautiful city in Soviet times.

Wars are won not by drones, but by commanders. New Ilovaisk boilers are waiting for their "heroes".

A little-known Austrian artist (who shot himself in 1945) said the same thing about going to the Urals. I think Turkey's decision is good. Turks are good builders. In Russia, a lot of things need to be built in Siberia and beyond the Urals. Welcome to donbass

There will be no Turkey, there will be a region of Turkistan

Hooray! Let's go home to relax soon!

It is true that the Turks almost always lost to Russia (including two world wars) and, nevertheless, lost little. They have strong, eastern diplomacy.

IF TURKEY intervenes in the conflict in Donbass, Russia may lose the EUROPEAN part of its territory to the Urals ... and CHINA will take the ASIAN part of its territory to the Urals. Only NEW LAND will remain for Russian))))))))

There is one subtlety, they will not fight on their own territory, and even on the territory of NATO ...

A country that chooses between war and shame gets both. Incidentally, I doubt that there are enough suicides among Turkish pilots who want to fly in our air defense zone.

Putin is the president of Russia.

The Turks are ready to fight with Russia in Syria, they talk about this openly. They showed this in Artsakh, where the Turks helped the Azeris, and Russia with the Armenians. The position of the Turks in relation to Russia is also clear in the Crimea!

Are you Russia?

If we consider participation as a business project, it makes sense for the Turks. You can bite a lot that the Turks do not yet have.

There was a "Wasp" from Jordan in Karabakh.
Which was "modernized" in Israel.
it is not surprising that she "did not see" the Israeli missiles ... 8))

well, of course, for myself, not for the Germans))))

and Germany does not separate Germany helps Ukraine for the fact that Ukraine helped Germany in the war with Hitler

Turkey cannot intervene in the conflict in the Donbas. The arms are short

The shortest and funniest humor with great geographical meaning for Russia and Turkey, finally Syria will have a common border with Russia.

The fighting bullfinches of the DPR have good droppings. Thirty-three percent of the bayraktars have landed.

There will be enough strength for everyone.

Why should Russia consider itself a party to the conflict? The United States also does not consider itself a party to the conflict, although it is not only a party, but also the main initiator of all this!

What are the wishes of Turkey.

"If Turkey intervenes ..."
So directly and will allow the Russian Federation to a state member of NATO to arrange a war on its borders

The Turks will now flood the DNR with oranges and tangerines from drones.

Polite people are already gathering inside the pipeline to the territory of Turkey

Now it is a very difficult situation. Russia owns a huge territory, and the population is not growing. Quality, that is, the ability to devote one's strength to a common cause, is also not up to par for obvious reasons. Insufficient numbers and low quality of people create a temptation for "friendly" neighbors to tear their piece away from Russia. Don't underestimate the danger, it is real.
It is quite possible to improve the situation by recreating private peasant farms in the country, it is FAVORABLE to have many children in them, and a person in them naturally goes through labor education, which forms patriotism from childhood, that is, the ability to devote his strength to a common cause. We lack only one high-quality human resource, other resources are in abundance.
Note. Please do not confuse private peasant farms with agro-industrial firms

in Ukraine, is it not a crime in power? there is no heating, but everyone's avshora will soon burst

Go send your children, and I have already otmazat mine, but it's expensive, but where to go.

And Russia is not that strong either. There is not enough money to fight in Syria and Donbass. We must feed our own. Prices are going to skyrocket again, people won't like it.

Then Turkey will transform existence as a country ... if it twitches

Nonsense! The Turks have nothing else to do. They were even afraid to join Batumi when no one could interfere with it in the 90s. And then across the sea they will fight there. Read the cycle "For the USSR", Georgy Komissarov

Shapkozakidatelstvo should not be engaged, this is serious: Turkey is a NATO member, it is not in vain that NATO forces are concentrated along the perimeter of Russia, this is another attempt to drag Russia into a military conflict.

It looks like Russia is building a pipeline and a nuclear power plant for itself.

anecdote: in hell, Hitler is told that in 2020 Ukraine is at war with Russia, a woman is at the head of Germany and Germany is separating them.

What kind of Russia. Putin - Russia?

How can you negotiate with the criminal authorities of Ukraine?

Well let them take a chance

Cool! And what are their real interests, can you tell me?
And at the expense of criminalized interests - does this also apply to the Kiev authorities?

It has long been predicted that Istanbul will become Constantinople again.

I think as soon as their ... "help" begins to be realized and the Turks move from words to deeds, then their stay in Syria will immediately be decided once or twice, and they are unlikely to dare openly help Kiev.

and America does not supply resources to the conflict zone? and is she a party to the conflict?

The Turks have never been friends or good neighbors for Russia or the Russian Empire. This is a hidden enemy who has lurked and waits for any convenient moment to snatch his piece (for example, the Crimea). Let's remember the conflict in Syria and their stabs in the back. And this is not even an eternal cunning, or certainly not an eastern "wisdom", it is their eastern insidiousness, greed and meanness.

What happened in the third case, which was not unimpeded?
Do battle bullfinches of the DPR poured onto the wings of the tractor and it fell on the territory controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

Turkish journalists have a very rich imagination. They do not understand that in the LDNR they will face the Russian Armed Forces. If they have extra soldiers, "welcome to hell!"

They (the Turks) have already tried to defeat Mother Russia 18 times in their history, and nothing came of them! History doesn't teach? Fighting with Russia is like writing against the wind!

Hooray finally take the Bosphorus and Dardanelli

Of course, they can help if they really want to see the ruins of Ankara and Istanbul. They're cool peppers

Maybe someone from "Star Wars" will catch up with the APU. :))))

Not surprising, because it has long been clear that Putin helps us more in words than in deeds))))

They think if they have a cauldron, then they won't get into the cauldron))

Many fantasies: tanks, planes ...


Regardless of any weapons of Turkey, Russia, etc., the conflict must be resolved by PEACEFUL METHODS. For this, both Ukraine and Russia have all the means (which, for some reason, does not consider itself a party to the conflict, supplying weapons and other resources to the zone). It is necessary to proceed from the real interests of the residents of Donbass and Ukraine as a whole, but not from the interests of the criminalized separatist authorities.

of course it can. Aliens can still arrive and also intervene, they can. :)