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Turkey intends to annex the entire northern part of Syria

It became known about Turkey's plans to annex the entire northern part of Syria to its territory.

The active transfer of the Turkish military and weapons to the northern regions of Syria, as it turned out, is connected with Turkey's intentions to arbitrarily annex several thousand square kilometers of Syrian territory to its territory. According to information provided by sources, at the moment, Turkish jihadists are actively campaigning against the Syrian authorities and even forcing the local population to advocate the separation of the northern territories of the Arab republic from the rest of the country.

It is known that Turkey plans to hold a kind of referendum in the northern regions of Syria and thereby capture a significant part of the Arab republic, while Ankara intends to ignore the indignation from Moscow, citing the fact that the unification of Crimea with Russia took place in a similar way.

To date, the Turkish side refuses to comment on the announced information in any way, however, local residents point to the fact that at the moment there is an active preparation for the seizure of Syrian territory, in addition, Russia has shown to Erdogan its readiness to ensure the protection of Syrian territory in the event of new attacks from sides of the jihadists controlled by Ankara.

In the north and east of Syria there will be autonomous regions with local authorities as in the Donbass, but the integrity of the UN Security Council will preserve, otherwise it will not give money for restoration and other things will be blocked

If Russia thinks about kindred peoples in Donbas, why shouldn't Turkey think about them in northern Syria.

you are lying, if a priest runs away from the country, then he is no longer the president, everything he signed there in Krasnadar is toilet paper, the referend is legitimate when the world community recognizes it, and Crimea is recognized only by the occupying country, when you drown for justice, remember Ichkeria

In Ukraine at that time, the still active President Yanukovych signed a decree on holding a "referendum in Crimea" !!
Will Erdogan sign such a thing ?? very unlikely !!
So the referendum will not be legitimate! according to European (NATO) laws.

Turkey will do as it sees fit. They don't give a damn about us. We will not climb on the Turks, and we will not bomb civilians. And Vova was again circled around the finger. He listens to all the advice from the redhead ...

Roma, Agenty and everyone else ... It is not funny by itself, Turkey will not go against Russia "Different weight category ..." in the 1840s (about 180 years ago) the saints Ovliad predicted that the Turks Escar (Ottoman army) would throw down Ercy (Russians) far beyond Itil (Volga river), after which 7 years in the entire Caucasus (including Rost.obl., Volgograd.obl., Astran.region, Krasnod.Krai, Stavrop.Krai, the Republics of the North Caucasus and the countries of Transcaucasia) will somehow be under English rule. It was not clear why Turkey would conquer and England would rule. Now it is clear! Then there was no NATO and could not know that there would be such a bloc. After 7 years, Turkey will drive the British away and will itself rule in the Caucasus

the Turks are right, the referendum and their territory.

Won't you choke?

Why invent something that doesn't really exist? Whom are you misleading? Even the very last ignoramus knows that Turkey will never go against Russia (different weight cotigoria)

many years ago it was predicted: Turkey will unleash a war with Russia, as a result of which it will lose a significant amount of its territory ...

Is North America weak?

Eat something she eat, but who will give it to her?

If the Turks unleash a war, this time we will not stop, and all the straits will be ours.

And the Turks do not recognize the Russian Crimea!

And we consider Constantinople to be a Russian city! And the city will be ours.