Turkey showed the concept of an automated anti-tank system dropped from aircraft

Turkey is developing an automated anti-tank system.

The Turkish company Dahir Insaat has presented a concept version of its latest automated anti-tank system in development, capable of repelling massive attacks by armored groups. The system is fully automated and can be thrown onto the battlefield using military transport aircraft.

In the presented video, published by the Turkish company Dahir Insaat, you can see the conceptual version of the unique anti-tank missile system. The latter has an extremely high rate of fire and, apparently, can be controlled from an unmanned aerial vehicle, or, given suitable terrain, independently identify targets and fire at them.

Judging by the video footage presented, one military transport aircraft is capable of dropping up to three automated anti-tank systems of this type.

Among other things, no less promising complexes were demonstrated, based underground and scattered from a military transport aircraft over a very large area.

How feasible are such projects? - it is not known, however, experts note that such weapons can be very promising.