Militants parade


Turkish militants held a parade, but they couldn't do without Russian bombers - there are no more jihadists left

Russian front-line bombers became the "bomb" of the Turkish jihadist parade.

The parade organized by Turkish jihadists on the territory of one of the bases in the province of Idlib (Syria) did not cost the militants without an air unit. Russian military aircraft appeared exactly on schedule and instantly destroyed several hundred jihadists, becoming a real "bomb" of the solemn march.

“The Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the headquarters and the training camp of the pro-Turkish Feylak al-Sham combat group in Kafr Takharim in the Syrian province of Idlib. According to a number of experts, this attack was Moscow's response to Ankara's dispatch of fighters from Syria to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone. The destroyed group of mercenaries was part of the Turkish-backed National Liberation Front and took part in the seizure of the border regions of the SAR. During the strike of the Russian Federation, 25 militants were killed, about a hundred were injured. According to the German journalist Julian Repke, the Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the mercenaries right during their parade. The presented footage clearly shows the formation of the militants on the parade ground ", - about it сообщает Russian news agency "Reporter", showing the relevant video footage.

Apparently, the Russian Aerospace Forces acted on a tip from local residents, as previously reported by the news agency, while the number of terrorists killed varies from 170 to 190 people.

Quite remarkable is the fact that according to Syrian sources, the jihadists who took part in the parade were supposed to go to Karabakh within the next few days, but Russia radically changed these plans by dropping them. As previously reported, up to half a ton of bombs.