An unknown 100-meter warship was spotted off the coast of Zmeiny Island

An unidentified 100-meter warship was spotted near Zmeiny Island.

Spacecraft recorded an unidentified warship near Serpent Island. Judging by the relative size of the island and the discovered ship, the warship has a length of about 100 meters, however, it has not yet been possible to identify the ship for certain.

The presented satellite imagery, allegedly taken on May 13, shows a warship less than a kilometer off the south coast of Snake Island. The appearance of a warship here raises a number of questions, since, judging by satellite images, we are not talking about a warship - according to experts, this is a special-purpose military ship.

Against the backdrop of several attacks on the island, there are a number of questions as to what the special military vessel was doing near Zmeiny Island, however, according to a number of assumptions, the ship could well carry out the transport of some military cargo, or perform some special tasks.

At the moment, there are suggestions that we are talking about the Vasily Bobrov ship, however, this information has not been officially confirmed, especially since on May 15 this warship could be observed in Sevastopol.