Explosion funnel


FAB-3000 air bomb hit caught on video

The consequences of the FAB-3000 air bomb strike have been published.

The consequences of the strike of one of the most powerful high-explosive air bombs FAB-3000 are demonstrated in a video published by the participants of the NWO. As a result of an accurate hit of an air bomb on a military facility, the latter was destroyed to the ground. At the same time, a huge funnel was formed at the site of the explosion, with a diameter of several tens of meters and a depth of at least 6 meters.

On the presented video frames, you can see how a serviceman demonstrates the consequences of being hit by an FAB-3000 high-explosive aviation bomb. A soldier descends into the crater left after the explosion, which allows one to assess the destructive power of this weapon.

Judging by the relative size, the diameter of the crater formed as a result of the explosion is at least 30 meters, and its depth is estimated at 6-8 meters, which indicates that the affected object was completely destroyed.

According to the data that the journalists managed to find out, a huge crater was discovered on the territory of Mariupol, however, the period of strikes is still unknown, but the strike itself could have been on one of the underground facilities, but no official statements have yet been made in this regard.