Rocket firing


The strikes on the Hmeimim airbase were coordinated by Turkey

Turkey was involved in rocket attacks on a Russian military airbase.

According to experts and analysts, Idlib is an important area for Turkey, because here are the formation of the so-called pro-Turkish militants who are actively fighting the war against the Kurds. Due to the fact that the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian government forces are actively conquering localities in the provinces of Hama and Idlib, Turkey is extremely interested in stopping Russia and Syria, including through attempts to attack the Russian military air base.

Earlier this month, the publication Ebaa News, actively supporting the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham, published photographs of another shelling of a Russian military base. Remarkable is the fact that the photos hit shells marked in Turkish. After a few hours, the corresponding images were deleted.

Moreover, the opinion of Turkey’s involvement in the attacks on the Khmeymim airbase is also made by the specialists of the Reporter.

“According to the memorandum on the creation of de-escalation zones, Turkey exercises control over this vast Syrian territory, turning it into a zone of its influence. However, the bloodshed is not stopped. On the contrary, according to representatives of the SAR army, it is from Turkey that the militants who are fighting against Damascus get weapons, ammunition and other supplies. Moreover, it is precisely from the territory of the Idlib de-escalation zone that attacks on the Russian military base Khtimeim are regularly carried out. <...> At the same time, it is obvious that without Turkish support such shelling of Hamim is impossible ”, - notes the Russian edition.

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