Ukraine will receive 600 tanks, 500 artillery systems and 140 anti-tank systems by the end of summer

A record number of weapons in history will be delivered to Ukraine.

As part of the meeting between the NATO countries and the states supporting Ukraine, agreements were reached that an unprecedented amount of weapons would be transferred to Ukraine by the end of the summer. As it became known, we are talking about hundreds of tanks, hundreds of artillery systems, 140 thousand anti-tank missile systems, etc. Information on this subject was announced by the American leader.

According to the data presented, 50 countries made the decision to transfer weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. At the same time, we are talking about various types of weapons, ranging from small arms and ending with ship systems, heavy MLRS and air defense.

“Before the start of the Russian NWO, I told Putin that if he launched an operation in Ukraine, NATO would not only become stronger, but more united, and he would see the democracies in the world stand up and stand against him and defend the rule-based order. Since I took office, we have provided almost $7 billion in security assistance to Ukraine. In the next few days, we intend to announce an additional $800 million, which will include the delivery of a new advanced Western air defense system to Ukraine, a large amount of artillery and ammunition, counter-battery radars, and additional ammunition for the HIMARS [highly mobile artillery rocket system], which we have already handed over to Ukraine, as well as other HIMARS coming from other countries.”- said the President of the United States of America.

According to the American leader, the United States and allies intend to provide Ukraine in the near future with about 140 anti-tank systems, more than 000 tanks, about 600 artillery systems and more than 500 pieces of artillery ammunition, as well as modern multiple launch rocket systems, anti-ship systems and air defense systems.