Ukraine proposed the creation of a sensitive marine area around the Crimea

Ukraine will ban all foreign ships from entering Crimea.

In Ukraine, they decided to begin the blockade of Crimea from all directions. Information about this was disseminated by the State Hydrography, and as an effective measure to combat foreign sea vessels calling at the ports of Crimea, it was decided to create a sensitive sea area around Crimea.

“The head of the State Hydrography”, Alexander Shchiptsov, said that the announcement of the regime’s region would allow Ukraine to oppose the Russian Federation, as well as fulfill “obligations to the international community in several directions at once.” According to Shiptsov, this will be expressed in a reduction of risks for sailors in terms of navigation and hydrographic support. In addition, this will help relieve Ukraine of responsibility for any emergency events and “nullify the attempts of Russians to map the specified region,” said Shchiptsov.- reports

It is not known how effective such measures will be, but experts say that Ukraine’s actions are unlikely to lead to any serious consequences, while Russia can take retaliatory steps that will lead to much bigger problems for Ukraine.

it is somehow strange, when the militants had forces and means they could not attack the air base. Now that even the Pendos money is running out, we receive reports of ongoing missile attacks at the base. Probably someone is lying. Judging by previous reports, this source of information is lying to all of us who consider us to be rednecks who do not remember or understand anything!

Soon they will deliver long-range artillery and bomb and air defense will not be able to intercept shells.

And what about the territorial waters of Ukraine all the Black Sea?