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Ukraine held "large-scale" exercises in the Black Sea, which no one noticed

Ukraine announced large-scale exercises in the Black Sea, but no one noticed them.

The defense department of Ukraine announced that the country's naval forces conducted large-scale military exercises in the Black Sea, within the framework of which various combat missions were worked out. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the scale of the maneuvers was not at all so great, since the exercises of the Ukrainian Naval Forces went unnoticed - even large local media resources did not begin to cover them.

According to the data provided, Ukrainian warships conducted maneuvers near the Crimea, however, this became known only after information on this matter was presented to the defense department. Obviously, problems in the Ukrainian Navy do not allow the use of a large number of ships, and therefore no reaction to such exercises followed.

“While Ukraine threatens Russia with a battle for Crimea, the 'large-scale' exercises of the Ukrainian Navy turned out to be so insignificant that even the Ukrainian media did not begin to cover them. The current problems of the Ukrainian fleet indicate the fact that in 10-15 years the Ukrainian Navy will have only a few combat boats ", - the analyst notes.


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