The Su-25


Su-25 attack aircraft modernized by Belarus handed over to Ukraine

The Su-25 attack aircraft that appeared in service with Ukraine were modernized in Belarus a year and a half ago.

According to Western information resources, a batch of 14 Su-25 attack aircraft was transferred to the Ukrainian Air Force by Bulgaria. As it became known, we are talking about modernized combat aircraft. Moreover, the latter were repaired and modernized less than a year and a half ago and were practically not used. This allows us to assert the good technical condition of these attack aircraft.

According to a number of sources, in total, Bulgaria was armed with up to 6 Su-25 attack aircraft. This does not exclude the possibility that some of the combat aircraft were transferred by some other countries. However, sources in Ukraine confirm the arrival of planes from NATO countries to the territory of the country. Moreover, it is noteworthy that combat aircraft were transported by land, which in turn made it possible, quite likely, to hide their current location.

Despite the fact that a relatively small number of combat aircraft remain in service with Ukraine, the Ukrainian Air Force continues to use them, however, the effectiveness of the use of these attack aircraft remains extremely low, since strikes are delivered blindly from low altitudes so as not to be in the affected area air defense means.