Ukrainian drone filmed a Tor air defense missile flying at it a moment before it was destroyed

A Ukrainian drone filmed the moment of its destruction by a Tor air defense missile.

The drone filmed the moment of its own destruction by an anti-aircraft missile of the Tor complex. According to sources, the incident with the destruction of the Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle occurred a few days ago during the reconnaissance drone. The Ukrainian drone rose to a considerable height and, as a result, was detected by radars, and after a few seconds, an anti-aircraft missile was fired at it, which the drone managed to photograph before its destruction.

In the presented photograph, you can see the moment recorded literally a moment before the defeat of the unmanned aerial vehicle. The missile, apparently, was launched almost from the maximum range, but despite this fact and the relatively small size of the target, it successfully hit the UAV.

This, according to some reports, is about the R18 drone, which can be used not only for reconnaissance and artillery fire adjustment, but also for dropping ammunition. Thanks to the capabilities of the Thor complex, the unmanned aerial vehicle was successfully destroyed even before it could take any action.


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