Reconstruction of Simferopol airport


The completed reconstruction of the Simferopol airport taxiway

1 July. AT Simferopol airport reconstructed taxiway, and thus the number of aircraft serviced increased 3 times.

The authorities of Simferopol Airport report that if earlier airliners spent about 22 minutes for taxiing from the terminal to the runway, then today these time frames have shrunk to 7 minutes, thereby increasing the number of departures and arrivals from 5 per hour up to 15 per hour. It is also noted that the main task in the reconstruction of the taxiway was a short time - it was necessary to finish all the work before the start of intensive take-off and landing operations, which we managed to accomplish.

It should also be emphasized that the ongoing work was carried out for the further perspective, as it is assumed that by the year of 2016 the number of passengers serviced by Simferopol airport should approach the level of 5 million people per year.