Simferopol Airport
Simferopol Airport

Simferopol Airport (Simferopol Airport). Official site.

Airport "Simferopol" has international status and is located on the Crimea peninsula in 12 kilometers from the settlement of Aeroflotsky. Since the spring of 2014, this airport has been servicing only Russian aircraft. Due to the imposed sanctions, international flights are not carried out. 

History airport "Simferopol"

Beginning of construction - January 1936 years, this site and the necessary funds were allocated. Already the air communication with Moscow was established in May this year. Even before the war, regular flights in Kharkov and Kiev. For this purpose, the aircraft type On-2.

At the end of the war, the airport continued its work. In 1957, they began to exploit the new terminal building. Also on the dirt runway was installed light-signal equipment for receiving aircraft at night. During these years, they began to use IL-14 and IL-12 aircraft for transportation, as well as flying Mi-4 helicopters. 

Concrete AMS was built in the year 1960. Also, the platform was constructed and the parking space for aircraft. All upgrades have allowed to carry out non-stop reception of aircraft even in adverse weather conditions. The new runway of the receiving machine type IL-18 and An-10. Before 60-ies almost all passenger and freight traffic carried on the aircraft AN-2 on the peninsula. In 1960 year on the basis of the airport "Simferopol" a powerful squadron of Tu-104 was organized. In the second half 60-x started using planes An-24.

Further work of the airport was associated with the continuous development and expansion of the service sector. Since 1977, the construction of the second runway, which has a length of 3,7 kilometers, was started. It was commissioned only in 1982 year. It was she who was able to take airplanes with a greater take-off mass, such as the Il-86. 

It is worth noting that in the second half of 80-ies the airport "Simferopol" was prepared for receiving the spacecraft "Buran". To this end, the airports were equipped with special equipment, and the runway was extended to extend 3,7 kilometers. After the work was carried out, a test imitation of the landing of the Buran by a Tu-154 type laboratory was carried out. 

The old runway with a width of 45 meters and a length of 2,7 kilometers was decommissioned in the 2000 year. It was converted into a track for taxiing airliners. 

At the moment, the airport "Simferopol" continues to receive and service aircraft. It is worth noting that since 2014, there are some restrictions on the geography of flights. Nevertheless, regular passenger traffic between the airport "Simferopol" and the cities of the Russian Federation. Despite some problems, the development of the complex continues, so in May 20015 of the year two more modern terminals were opened. The airport management has planned to build a modern complex for passengers with a total area of ​​2018 thousand m70 by 2. This will allow 7 to serve millions of passengers a year. 

Infrastructure airport "Simferopol"

A significant portion of the entire area of ​​the station territory is parking. It has a protection and requires payment for use. The passenger terminal consists of passenger terminals:

• "A" - it serves domestic and international flights.

• "B" - intended exclusively for international flights.

• "C" - serves domestic air services.

• "D" - this terminal is used to receive diplomatic flights.

• The second floor in Terminal B is used for the departure of business class passengers.

The reconstruction works allowed to expand almost all service terminals, some were combined. At the airport there is a building for the offices of airlines and a hotel. One of the features of the airport "Simferopol" can be called a significant removal of the runway from the terminal building. 


Basic data of the airport Simferopol:

  • Airport country: Ukraine.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 2.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 33.98, latitude 45.05.


Simferopol (Simferopol Airport). Official site:

Simferopol (Simferopol Airport). Official site.


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: SIP.
  • ICAO airport code: UKFF.
  • Internal airport code: SIP.


Contact details:

  • E. mail Airport: [email protected]
  • Airport city phone: +7 3652 59-55-45
  • The mailing address of the airport: st. Malchenko, 16 smt. Aeroflotskiy, Simferopol Republic of Crimea, 295491




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