In the Bryansk region, drones attacked the Slava plant

In the Bryansk region, the Slava plant was attacked.

Unmanned aerial vehicles fell a few meters from the fuel tanks. This made it possible to avoid tragic consequences, an explosion and a fire, however, the current attack is an extremely serious threat and, in fact, a challenge to Russia. This is reported by the journalists of "Base".

As it became known to Baza journalists, the attack on the Slava plant, which is located 80 kilometers from the border of Russia and Ukraine, took place last night. Presumably two drones flew into the territory of the plant - they fell and exploded three meters from the tanks with diesel fuel. It is noted that the emergency was avoided largely due to the fact that the tanks, each of which can accommodate up to 5 tons of diesel fuel, were empty.

The use of which drones in question is not specified, however, the attack tonight was also carried out on the airfield in the Kursk region, the target of the attack was oil accumulators, which led to a serious fire.


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