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IDF announces 20 downed Syrian missiles fired at Israel

The Israeli military announced 20 Syrian rockets fired at Israel.

During Israel's night attack on Syria, Syrian air defense systems fired at least 20 surface-to-air missiles at Israeli fighters. All of them were successfully shot down by Israeli air defense systems. Such data are cited by the Israeli defense department.

According to the Israeli military, in less than an hour, the Syrian military fired 20 missiles at Israeli aircraft. Israel's air defense systems managed to identify them as S-200 Dvina anti-aircraft guided missiles. At the same time, it is especially emphasized that the missiles were successfully shot down by Israeli air defense systems. Nevertheless, despite such a statement, the debris of the missiles on the territory of Israel was never found, although the Israeli air defense systems carried out anti-missile launches. Experts associate this primarily with the new tactics of the Syrian military - the use of electronic countermeasures, which simulated a massive strike on Israeli territory.

“If, as Israel claims, 20 missiles were fired from Syria, then at least the fragments of these missiles would be found, as in the case of a missile that exploded in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. It is logical to assume that Israeli air defenses were attacking phantom targets. Obviously, it is with this fact that it is possible to link the information previously provided by the Israeli media about the allegedly inflicted by the Syrian military attack on Israel with the Scud ballistic missile ", - the expert marks.

Earlier, the Israeli Defense Ministry also announced the allegedly destroyed Syrian air defense system S-200 in the suburbs of Damascus, however, satellite images showed that the Israeli information is not true.

The Israeli media reported that the Russian military reported that Israeli Air Force planes fired 24 missiles at Iranian positions. Of these, 21 missiles were shot down. Maybe yes, maybe no. 4 aircraft = 24 missiles. And if 44 planes take off or 144 planes, and if 244 planes. The question is, will Assad cope with such an Armada?

nonsense ....... no one said anything there were no 20 missiles. fake



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