In the DPR attacked the Ukrainian UAV Bayraktar TB2

DPR forces tried to shoot down the Ukrainian Bayraktar.

Units of the Donetsk People's Republic made several attempts to shoot down the Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2, which were flying near the line of contact in the east of the DPR. The attacks were carried out using electronic warfare and anti-aircraft installations. Information in this regard was also confirmed in Kiev, stressing, nevertheless, that the drones still successfully completed their tasks.

Despite the fact that no details were provided on this score, experts believe that the radar stations available to the DPR were recorded by Ukrainian drones, but the signal was weak enough to shoot down the drone with the help of the air defense means available to the militia.

Remarkable is the fact that earlier in the DPR they really announced attempts to shoot down the Ukrainian drones Bayraktar TB2, but the information was considered implausible until this data was confirmed by the commander of the JFO.

“UAVs are used for reconnaissance, monitoring enemy activities. They are trying to counter the Bayraktar TB2 UAVs, but now all the units that we have in service are successfully completing the tasks. ", - said in the message of the commander of the JFO.

You are all speculating ... a theorist?

.... Grebenchikov sings well ..... for reinforcements!

Why didn't they do that in Karabakh?

These were the UAVs of the Kingdom of Mariupol!

this is still a lie. because you can't get a wasp. and they fly over the territory of Ukraine, which is 5 km from the contact line. But rubella is located 30 km from the border, the coverage area is 400-600 km.

Have you tried? Everything is fine! Let them fly - goals must be real. And they will pick up air defense means. Don't even hesitate. Vaughn - satellites shoot down. And here is a poor propeller plane. The question is the reasonable cost of the weapon. No more.

But what about the beeches with which the militia "shot down the Boeing"? Or was it not the militia who shot it down? And they almost dug up the shell in the mine, soon they will get it, don't worry.

Nothing, humanitarian aid will soon go, iiiii .... khan to drones.

It would be unprofitable to spend a rocket for this "birdie." For old hand-held MANPADS, it is not attainable in height, and they probably have not yet acquired new ones. But this is a fixable matter.

Does ORDLO have Iskander?

This time it was not possible to shoot down, next time they will definitely be overwhelmed. Better yet, one Iskander at the command and control center

But to no avail ...

9K33M3 "Osa-AKM"
Further modernization of the complex. This modification can effectively fight aircraft and helicopters while providing cover for troops in all types of hostilities and in conditions of active electronic countermeasures. The affected area in height: from 10 to 5000 m, in range: 1,5 - 10,3 km.
This is data on the modernized complex that is there in the LPDNR ... Nevertheless, even he can hardly get a bird in height and range. Moreover, the bird will not fly directly to the air defense system, but will pass a little to the side. With such parameters of the air defense system, they cannot be recruited to close all adjacent territories. This is an air defense system for protecting convoys of equipment and small objects from low-flying aircraft and helicopters.