In the US shocked by the discovery of four positions of Russian anti-satellite missiles "Nudol"

After testing the Nudol missile on a Soviet satellite, the United States discovered four positions of Russian anti-satellite systems.

Earlier statements made by the American side that the presence of anti-satellite weapons in Russia's armament is just a trick, after testing the Nudol rocket on a Soviet spacecraft, the United States unexpectedly became interested in these Russian weapons and thanks to space satellites they were able to detect at least four combat positions of these missiles on the Plesetsk cosmodrome. Taking into account the deployment of this missile weapon in only one region of Russia, experts believe that the Russian army may be armed with at least two to three dozen such complexes.

On the presented satellite images, you can see the positions of four Nudol anti-satellite missile systems, which within a few minutes can destroy spacecraft at an altitude of several hundred kilometers, successfully depriving the American military of communications and access to monitoring Russian territory.

The deployment of these weapons impressed the United States so much that Washington has already begun to demand a complete ban on anti-satellite weapons. Moreover, apparently, Russia possesses not only missile, but also laser weapons, since earlier the Russian side was accused of a deliberate attack on an American military spacecraft.

Because while the tests are underway. And there is all the necessary infrastructure.

The flight to the target is a few minutes. It is not hard to come up with an inexpensive remedy.

Do not forget how many sub-complexes: by car, railway and sea!

From there it is more convenient to shoot at satellites.

Why should we "yell" and brag about what and where we have!

They are specifically demonstrating 4, and at least 36 deployed and "hidden" to destroy the entire GPS military group, which the Americans themselves control from the main station located at the US Air Force Base Falcon, Colorado.

Hilary's milk was gone - the effects of the shock. Afraid: without GPS, as without brains

As they discovered, they will lose ...

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Maybe these are inflatable models?

And how can American satellites detect something if their trajectories are calculated and we know when they may appear over strategically important objects?

And why are these complexes in Plesetsk? !!!
Reflect UFO attacks?)))

In which case, they will hit the satellite faster than themselves

I hope that "Nudol" in comparison with the one removed from combat duty in 1993. complex IS-MU (Cyclone-2 and 14F10) has enough advantages, except for mobility.

It is not they who should be shocked, but we, discovered, and during the hostilities, would have immediately destroyed.