There are already 650 militia tanks, 1300 armored vehicles and 500 artillery pieces in the Donbass

The combined forces of the LDNR can easily arrange a blitzkrieg of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and even move to Kiev.

According to the data provided by observers monitoring the situation in Donbass, the combined forces of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics unexpectedly transferred 650 tanks to the demarcation zone, which is 1,5 times more than is in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Where such a large number of heavy armored vehicles are in service with the LPR and DPR is unknown, however, according to analysts, in the event of a real conflict in Donbass, the militias will not only destroy most of the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but may well even begin the assault on Kiev.

In addition to 650 tanks, and this number is probably only roughly calculated, the DPR and LPR are armed with 1300 armored vehicles (armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, BRDM, etc.), 500 artillery pieces and about 260 units of multiple launch rocket systems. Taking into account the fact that the militias will be on the defensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will suffer the largest losses, and any counterattack by the LPNR will not only lead to the defeat of the Ukrainian army, but may even endanger the Ukrainian capital.

“The armed forces of Donetsk and Luhansk are now two powerful ground armies, which are completely independent of each other and are strictly grouped according to the rules of the Russian army. The forces of Donetsk are a little more, the rest are in the Luhansk region, a little less. According to the observers, they have at their disposal 650 tanks, 1300 armored vehicles, 500 cannons and about 260 means of rocket artillery systems, including Grad and Smerch. For comparison: the Ukrainian military now has 450 combat-ready tanks, which is 1,5 times less "- сообщает edition "Soha".

According to experts, it is the clearly superior forces of the LPNR that are holding back the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the start of the offensive, not to mention the fact that if Donbass asks for help from Russia, Kiev can lose the war in the region in just a few days.

Well, for you the Crimean bridge is fiction)

secret mines have long been dug to the Kremlin to throw a hundred more such and a dozen assault helicopters, submarines do not need to be too small in local rivers

And they do not need to be protected, now they can cope on their own.

lies. there are no tanks there.

Unique mines of Donbas

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Neither the Americans nor the Poles can protect you from just anger

bought from Ukrainian ensigns

How it is from nowhere, they found it all in an abandoned mine, pulled it out, painted it and now ...

I repeat - won't the navel come loose?

Decommissioned equipment was transferred to them from Russia. Repaired and now they are in service with the LPR.

Svidomye, why are you asking yourself stupid questions? All this equipment is near ORDLO, from the same place where you got your rubber boats. Russia supplies them with equipment, America is written-off rubbish to you!

trade secret

In vain, of course, this Ukrainian and Russian trash was restored for Russian money. It was just necessary to give them new T-90 tanks and let them go to the Dnieper or to Kiev for fair retribution. And from above to cover them with aviation.

Happy Easter to all Donetsk residents) may the Lord help them to withstand and win) I hope that soon our Donbass will return to Mother Russia))

get up off the couch, go count it. and rewrite the main numbers, so that you can later compare with the former Ukrainian

from where, the king gave.

-Army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, before the defeat, found out where the Little Russians got the tanks from?
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Where did they get so much technology?

Well, let them move if they can. Strength without will is worthless.

So who wrote this nonsense? Where did the Donbass terrorists get so much equipment? Obviously extra zeros. Or was it also recorded there scrap metal from the Russian army, which will cover the terrorists from just retaliation?

If Donbass really has so much military equipment, then why don't they open a retaliatory strike against the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or at least sniper fire at officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

Really, no one knows where the DPR equipment came from? It is known how much and what, but it is not known from where)))