Stormtrooper strike


The insane attack of the su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force against the Azerbaijani military delighted the Network

A video of the craziest attack by an Armenian attack aircraft against the Azerbaijani army has appeared on the Web.

Despite the fact that during the conflict in Karabakh, Armenia practically did not use military aircraft against the advancing forces of Azerbaijan, the information resource had a unique video at its disposal, which captured one of the craziest attacks of the Su-25 attack aircraft on the positions of the Azerbaijani military, moreover , not only in this conflict, but in general over the history of existing armed conflicts.

In the presented video frames, one can see how the Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armenian Air Force, absolutely not covered by the terrain, at a low altitude breaks through to the positions of the Azerbaijani military and makes a strike. The attack of the combat aircraft turned out to be so insane that the Azerbaijani military could not repel it - by the time the attack was prepared from MANPADS, the attack aircraft had already managed to escape.

The network reacted to the video that appeared with incredible emotions:

“Crazy blow! There is no cover, no "insiders" ... But on target, damn it! "

"The Azerbaijanis did not even understand what had happened - some crazy Armenian in an attack aircraft broke through to their position and bombed everything to hell."

"Perhaps this attack can be included in the list of the most insane in history."

It is known that in the armed conflict Armenia lost one Su-25 attack aircraft, however, it is obviously not about this episode.

The Karabakh Armenian pilot, the only one who continued to fight for his homeland, did everything he could.

The feat of one is the correction of the mistake (at best, and even betrayal) of the other.

If only a little help, the story would be different, and then one against 4 countries.

It's bad of course when you can't agree, capitalism. Once at work I had to experience a training attack of a diving su 34, there was a hangar and equipment nearby, the impression was that there was no way to go anywhere, everything was useless. If you were discovered, then everything.

Take a look at the map. Whose flag is in Karabakh? As long as the Russian tricolor is on the dividing strip, Karabakh (Artsakh) will be Armenian. As if someone would not want it differently.

Good for you!

he and his brothers fertilize the land of Karabakh

At this speed and with a U-turn .. it's hard to hit the target!