Combat plane crashed in Donetsk, pilot ejected

A military plane crashed in Donetsk.

A military plane crashed on the territory of Donetsk a few hours ago. According to local residents, the plane could have been shot down, however, there are no official statements on this matter yet - a technical malfunction is called the preliminary version of the crash. The pilot managed to successfully leave the combat aircraft, however, nothing is known about his current condition.

On video footage taken by residents of Donetsk, you can see the moment of the crash and subsequent explosion of the plane. At the same time, the pilot himself is in the sky, who managed to leave the aircraft before the plane crashed.

At the moment, it is known that around this time the territory of Donetsk was subjected to artillery shelling, and according to local residents, air defense facilities were also working here, although the circumstances of the plane crash are still unknown.

According to preliminary data, as a result of the incident, destruction on the ground was avoided, as well as the victims.


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