American PMC "The Mozart Group" deployed to Donetsk region

One of the most famous PMCs in the USA has been deployed to the Donetsk region.

A group of 20 to 30 people, which is part of the American private military company The Mozart Group, was transferred to the Donetsk region. At the moment, it is known that American mercenaries operate in conjunction with Ukrainian units and at the same time train Ukrainian reservists who arrived in the region, however, this is the first time that this PMC has appeared in Ukraine.

To date, it is known that the American PMC "The Mozart Group" has been in the Donetsk region for at least two weeks. American mercenaries were brought here specifically to reinforce Ukrainian units, and according to some sources, to organize an offensive operation of Ukrainian troops.

The exact number of members of The Mozart Group PMC present in the Donetsk region remains unknown, however, judging by the video footage and photographs, we are talking about two to three dozen mercenaries who, by the way, may well use Western weapons to carry out attacks and strikes.

Earlier, American mercenaries from the Academi PMC were also found in the Kharkiv region. This indicates that mercenaries from the United States are directly involved in the hostilities on the side of Ukraine.


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