In Egypt, crashed the newest Russian fighter

The MiG-29 fighter just delivered to Egypt crashed due to technical problems.

One of the last MiG-29M fighters delivered to Egypt crashed due to a complex technical malfunction. It is known that the pilot managed to catapult, but no information has been voiced on his current state from the Egyptian Air Force command.

According to the Egyptian side, we are talking about a fighter delivered under a contract concluded in the 2016 year, which means that the combat aircraft is only a few years old, and given the information about a complex malfunction (failure of several systems at once), a lot of questions arise regarding further safety flying on these combat aircraft.

“On Thursday, December 5, in Egypt, during a training flight, one of the MiG-29M fighters crashed by Russia for the Egyptian Air Force as part of the commercial contract of 2016 of the year crashed”, - informs the information publication "Vedomosti".

It should be clarified that this is not the first incident of this kind that occurred with MiG-29 fighters, delivered by Russia under a contract concluded in 2016, in particular, another MiG-29M crashed a little over a month ago in Egypt.

According to some information that appeared on the Web, Egypt decided to suspend the operation of the Russian MiG-29 for an indefinite period, however, it was not possible to find the official editorial commentary on this.

Look for the hand of the Americans. The failure of several systems at once is the result of their sabotage activities so that Egypt purchases only American weapons.