Iran declares its readiness to strike Azerbaijan first

Iran threatens to strike at any point on the territory of Azerbaijan.

Against the background of provocations organized by Azerbaijan, the Iranian authorities for the first time threatened Baku with missile and artillery strikes. This happened after the rather harsh rhetoric of the Azerbaijani authorities against Tehran and the authorities of the Islamic republic.

Tehran is extremely dissatisfied with the policies of both Turkey and Azerbaijan, emphasizing that it is Ankara that is responsible for the actions of Baku, and if Azerbaijan's good-neighborly relations cross the red line, then the Iranian artillery forces are ready to attack the territory of Azerbaijan.

“Turkey, obsessed with the illusion of the restoration of the Ottoman Empire, is playing with fire. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan with a "rotten rope" is throwing itself into the abyss of big problems. The capital of the northern neighbor is within reach of the artillery armed forces of Iran (if they go beyond friendship) "- said Iranian MP Ardashir Mottahari.

The day before, the Iranian military sent a huge column of military equipment to the border with Azerbaijan - its length is about 8 kilometers. Moreover, we are talking about heavy armored vehicles, artillery pieces, missile systems, MLRS and air defense systems. This indicates the fact that Tehran's statements are very serious.

Air ??? What do they use there ??? What Iran ??? Who will he bomb ??? Geography study, 20 million Azerbaijanis live there, who supported Baku during the war, Iran will not have the spirit to attack, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan will wipe Iran off the face land and all Muslims will breathe easier. Iran has not loved Azerbaijan all his life, but he will not have enough spirit. Most likely a duck from the Armenians, for a week now they have been pumping the topic of Iran-Azerbaijan