Shenyang J-11D fighter


In China, the Russian Su-35 was completely copied. A photo

Chinese aircraft designers created a complete copy of the Russian Su-35 fighter.

The Hong Kong China News Agency news agency published photos of the newest Chinese fighter Shenyang J-11D, which turned out to be nothing more than a 100% copy of the fourth-generation Russian fighter Su-35.

In the photographs presented, one can see practically complete similarity in the designs of the Russian Su-35 fighter with the Shenyang J-11D combat aircraft developed in the PRC. The exception is, perhaps, only a nose cone, which was adapted by Chinese aircraft designers for specialized equipment located on board, while the differences are minimal.

Photo Shenyang J-11D

Photo Su-35

“The Shenyang J-11D is the latest version of the Shenyang J-11 series. It is equipped with an advanced integrated avionics system and 14 active phased-array radars, advanced infrared systems, omnidirectional infrared warning systems and new electronics. <...> The test flight of the Shenyang J-11D proved that China is capable of producing heavy fighters, similar to the Su-35 "- said in the message.

Remarkable is the fact that the active development of Chinese fighters Shenyang J-11D began after sending to China the first batch of Russian Su-35 fighters, which indicates the fact that the PRC simply copied the Russian combat aircraft.

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Read the wikipedia article about Shenyang J-11. Understand how it is copied. B and D are its modifications, structurally have minimal differences from the base J-11.
Su-35 is a further development of the Su-27 - Su-30. Therefore, there is such a great similarity between J-11 and 35.
There are also references to the comparison of the performance characteristics, not in favor of the "Chinese comrade."
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