Large-scale covid and anti-government protests continue in China

Anti-government and anti-COVID protests continue in China.

Earlier estimates that the number of protesters in China is about 100 people are extremely superficial. As it turned out, the situation here is much more serious and the number of protesters can be several times greater.

It is known that supporters and organizers of the protests are beginning to turn to radical methods of expressing their dissatisfaction, including numerous clashes with the police, the destruction of urban infrastructure, etc.

Despite Beijing's refusal to comment on the current situation in any way, at least 12 cities in the PRC have serious problems with the control of citizens. Protesters gather in large groups, creating the threat of riots. At the same time, the protesters openly call to oppose the country's authorities, demanding a review of anti-COVID measures against citizens who may be infected with the coronavirus or are only potential carriers of the virus.

It is noteworthy that provocateurs have also appeared on the streets of Chinese cities, which create an additional reason for the discontent of citizens. Although the situation is still controlled by the country's authorities, there is a fairly high risk of military intervention.


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