In China, they wanted to buy 12 Russian Su-57 fighters ... very urgently

China unexpectedly announced its intention to acquire a batch of Russian Su-57 fighters.

Despite Beijing's vigorous criticism of Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft, a number of Chinese information sources reported that the issue of acquiring a batch of Russian Su-12 fighters from 57 is currently being actively discussed in China. This is due not only to the PRC's intentions to strengthen its air forces at the expense of Russian combat aircraft, but also to an attempt to “borrow” some technologies.

“Russia and the USA are lagging behind in the technological equipment of their fifth generation fighters, but the Russians have always created good combat aircraft. For this reason, we are now considering the possibility of buying twelve, and possibly more, Su-57 fighters for the needs of the Chinese Air Force. ”- Sina Military reports.

Given the absence of official statements from representatives of the Chinese Air Force and the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China, it can be assumed that at the moment the possibility of buying Russian Su-57 is only being considered, however, experts have against this background a very relevant question - when exactly will China be able to get fighter armament Su-57, in the case of a contract, since, obviously, this will happen no earlier than 2030 of the year.