Start of a rocket


North Korea successfully tested two hypersonic missiles

North Korea continues to experience hypersonic weapons.

Last night, the DPRK authorities conducted new tests of two ballistic missiles, having managed to disperse them to speed in the 6.5 MAX, thereby confirming the presence of missiles capable of flying at hypersonic speed.

Relatively little is known about the launches themselves, in particular, it is reported that ballistic missiles were launched with a difference of 17 minutes. Each of them flew about 380 kilometers.

Nevertheless, experts pay attention to the fact that the appearance on the arsenal of the DPRK missiles capable of developing hypersonic speed creates serious problems for the United States and Japan, since the fight against such weapons is not yet subject to Washington and Tokyo.

What specific missiles are in question is unknown, however, Pyongyang is trying to attract the attention of the United States, hinting that the ongoing sanctions may result in a very unpleasant situation for the entire region and put an end to previously reached agreements.

How exactly hypersonic technologies turned out to be in the DPRK’s arsenal is still unknown, but earlier there were suggestions that such technologies could be transferred to this country by China, which, however, has not yet been confirmed.