NATO believes that Russia is weaker than not only the United States, but also China

NATo said that they did not see threats from Russia because of its weakness.

The German information publication Die Welt issued a statement by military experts who did not see any serious threat from Russia, believing that now Russia is inferior in its military power not only to the United States, but also to China.

Experts justify their opinion more likely not by the very threat from the PRC, but by Washington’s attitude towards Beijing, which believes that China is a serious adversary, especially given the active rearmament, the development of new types of weapons and the strengthening of its influence on the world stage.

It is noteworthy that a number of specialists even pay attention to the fact that some types of modern weapons, including the same hypersonic weapons, combat lasers and radars, are being developed much faster in China than in Russia, at least at the prototyping stage.

Among other things, experts believe that the key concern of China’s “aggression” is the gradual ousting of the United States from Europe, which may indicate that Washington aims to declare China by preventing its expansion in Europe.

Russia needs 25 minutes to destroy all NATO

If this is really so, let them show their strength and withdraw their troops from the borders of RUSSIA.