Ukraine took possession of the secret documentation of the Russian Iskander and copied it

Ukrainian designers showed a copy of the Russian Iskander rocket.

Developers from the Ukrainian Yuzhnoye Design Bureau have demonstrated an almost exact copy of the Russian Iskander OTRK missile. According to analysts, the Ukrainian side was able to obtain technical documentation for this Russian tactical missile system, since the process of creating the missile itself was suspiciously fast.

According to sources, Ukrainian developers have already created the first prototype of a tactical missile, which with its appearance almost completely repeats the missiles used in the Iskander OTRK. According to experts, the Ukrainian side could well get the technical documentation for the Russian OTRK, since it took less than a year to create the rocket, which is already at the final stage of readiness.

Judging by the presented visual materials, the platform used to launch the missile is still different from the Russian Iskander OTRK, while the missile itself has a flight range of up to 280 kilometers (for OTRK Iskander this figure is 480 kilometers - approx. Ed.), however, by and large there are cardinal similarities between the tactical missile systems of the two countries.

The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on the development of its tactical missile weapons.