New Terminal Pulkovo


In the new terminal of Pulkovo airport are transferred 20 airlines

March 19. In connection with the opening of a new terminal at St. Petersburg Airport Pulkovo, The transfer of 20 airline flights for the passengers of the new terminal has been made.

Since 20 March, the new airport terminal will serve hundreds of flights daily, however. Not all airlines, including such large airlines as KLM and AirFrance, were included in this list. If you look at the other side, at the moment the new terminal will not be fully and partly used to avoid possible problems, but, according to the airport management, in due course, more 10 air carriers will be added to the list already available.

At the moment, Terminal-1 has been operating in test mode for about 3.5 months, while the work on creating the new terminal has cost the airport management 1.7 a billion dollars, and about half of all funds were offered either by investors or became part of the loans.

Thanks to the new terminal, passenger traffic can be increased by more than 17 percent per year, and at the moment this figure is about 13 million passengers from different countries.


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