China Buying Airplanes


China buys 150 aircraft for 20 billion dollars

20 March. It became known that the Chinese airlines, and they are on the territory of the country is on the order of 20, are negotiating with the largest aircraft manufacturer, Airbus company about the purchase of 150 aircraft to update their fleets and, as a result, to improve the quality of services.

At the moment there is no official information on which particular models of aircraft companies want to buy, but given the serious approach to this matter, we can say that most likely it will be airplanes like Airbus A350 и Airbus A380... The planned amount of the deal is about $ 20 billion, but the delivery of aircraft is likely to begin only in 2016-2018.

Earlier, in April of last year, China ordered 43 Airbus A320, probably this deal is not the last, because modern trends require regular updating of the fleet, which, it must be admitted, Chinese air carriers are willing to go.