In Poland, a convoy of American military equipment, transporting ammunition for the MLRS HIMARS, got into an accident

In Poland, a convoy of military equipment carrying ammunition for the M142 Himars MLRS got into an accident.

On the video footage that appeared on the Web, you can see how a convoy of army tractors and trucks got into a traffic accident. Apparently, critical consequences were avoided, however, on the video frames you can clearly see that one of the tractors is transporting blocks with missiles for the Himars MLRS.

On the tractor trailer, under the tarpaulin, you can see one of the blocks, designed for 6 missiles, for the American-made MLRS. The total number of those still remains unknown, however, the traffic accident could well have ended in extremely serious consequences. The missiles were guaranteed to be sent to the territory of one of the border logistics centers, where subsequently the missiles were to be reloaded onto Ukrainian vehicles and delivered to the territory of Ukraine.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the missiles were damaged and, with a high degree of probability, these ammunition will be additionally checked by the US military. This indicates the fact that the supply of such weapons to Ukraine will be delayed indefinitely.

The circumstances of the accident that occurred remain unknown.


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