12 F-22 fighters arrived in Poland for covert missions on the border with Ukraine and over the Black Sea

For the first time, 12 US Air Force F-22 fighters arrived in Poland.

Initially, combat aircraft were deployed in the UK, and after the formation of a full-fledged squadron, they flew to Poland. Remarkable is the fact that the fighters are supposed to be used to carry out some secret missions on the border with Ukraine and over the waters of the Black Sea.

At the moment, it is known that all 12 US Air Force fighters are located at one of the air bases in Poland. Since their arrival in the region, the latter have not yet been seen lifted into the air, however, there are suggestions that the United States and NATO countries may use these combat aircraft to intercept missiles in the area of ​​​​the Polish-Ukrainian border. Moreover, there is a rather serious risk that F-22 aircraft can also be used over the waters of the Black Sea - due to the "stealth" technologies used here, it will be very problematic to detect them.

The United States notes that the transfer of the F-22 to Poland is associated with the need to strengthen the eastern flank of NATO, however, the Pentagon does not comment on why the F-22 aircraft are involved in this, although these fighters are used most often in secret missions and operations, while the time when F-35s or fourth-generation fighters are usually used to reinforce the borders.