the helicopter is shooting


There are casualties in Syria as a result of attack on Russian helicopter

Terrorists attacked a Russian military helicopter, injuring the Russian military.

At the disposal of the news agency, information has emerged that at least two Russian servicemen were injured in an attack by terrorists of the Islamic State (a terrorist group officially banned in Russia - ed.) On a Russian military helicopter. Initially, the terrorists' media source reported the deaths of two Russian servicemen, but Syrian sources denied this information, stressing that the attack really took place, but the Russian military escaped with only wounds.

At the moment, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation does not officially confirm information about any incident that occurred the day before in the central part of Syria, however, at the same time, the Russian defense department has repeatedly informed about the conduct of special operations against terrorists of the "Islamic State".

Experts draw attention to the fact that the terrorists of the "Islamic State" acted on a tip, since the helicopter was not landed in any regulated place and, apparently, the militants set up an ambush in advance, having received information in just a few hours.

ah-64 apache, which does not seem to be news about America in the photo.

Do not believe the initial set of propaganda and lies poured out by the pro-Western media on the Russian Army. For example, that Iskander-M was shot down not in the form of a cruise missile.

Information from the article - "... they acted on a tip, since the helicopter was landing ..."
But now the "first Special Department" of the Syrian army and let them interrogate those who knew something ... if the decision to ambush was made "in a few hours", then the circle is very narrow.