Assembly of the latest 6th generation fighter-interceptor MiG-41 has begun in Russia

Russian designers have begun work on assembling the latest MiG-41 fighter-interceptor.

The Russian state corporation "Rostec" announced that it had begun work on the construction of the newest domestic fighter-interceptor of the new generation, the MiG-41. At the moment, it is known about the development work, which implies the creation of at least a prototype of this combat fighter, which, after a series of tests, can be launched into mass production.

“Development of the next generation of interceptor fighters has already begun. The project of the Prospective Aviation Complex for Long-Range Interception (PAK DP) under the symbol "MiG-41" is at the stage of development work ", - said on the website of "Rostec".

It is known that by the current moment the MiG-41 fighter has passed at least 200 different tests, moreover, the initial data, which are publicly available on the public procurement website, allow us to judge the high maneuverability of this combat aircraft, thereby revealing a number of its characteristics.

Any timing of the implementation of this project remains unknown, however, experts believe that by 2023 the MiG-41 will make its first flight, after which, towards the end of this decade, it will be put into mass production and will begin to be supplied to the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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Complete autonomy. The pilot sits in a fortified bunker (because it will be physically impossible to control such a device due to hypersonic overloads). So it is with the Armata tanks, a transitional model. So it is with the whole 5th generation. 6 is a robot.

Development has begun, author! Build and development are two different things. Before assembly, there is still cancer before Beijing.

Have the requirements for the 6th generation been formulated?

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It should be compared with the MiG-31, surpassing it in altitude, speed, target detection range and patrol time, target combat taper.

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T-50, aka su-57

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Where's the 5th? Or will we just develop it?

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What is the 41st and 6th generation, let's just 291 and 16th.