Rain plane


In the plane Phuket - Moscow passed the "tropical rain". Video

In the plane Phuket - Moscow went "rain"

The Telegram channel Moscow News published a video showing the flood in the passenger cabin of Boeing, which performed the Phuket-Moscow flight. Between this tropical island (also known as the province of Thailand) and the Russian capital, almost 7,5 is thousands of kilometers away, so passengers could experience all the “charms” of abundant moisture for quite some time.

Frequent drops, and sometimes streams of rain appeared right above the heads of the passengers. Flight attendants tried to eliminate leaks, plugging cracks in the luggage compartments with napkins (lockable shelves for hand luggage). But it almost did not help. All passenger seats got wet.

According to the pilot of civil aviation, Alexei Bazeev, the conditioner was the cause of the rain. Commenting on what happened, he said:

- Air conditioning does not work correctly. Where does moisture come from? Outside, there will be nothing, because everything is tight: it passes through the engine, through these special intake and exhaust valves. Inside, this air is damp - they fly in the clouds, they are very humid, they cannot cope. For whatever reason, I do not even know. Naturally, the condensation of moisture goes, and from there everything flows. Top pass these pipelines in the air conditioning system, they are along the side. If you were flying a passenger, you felt that it was blowing from above.

How potentially dangerous could that be?

- Not dangerous. The crew had to simply turn off the air conditioning system and leave one boost. Another thing that will be hot, of course. In general, it is at the discretion of the crew.

It should be emphasized that this case of “rain” in the passenger cabin is not the first. So, in January of this year, when flying from Voronezh to Sochi, the "rain" also dropped on the heads of passengers who, in order not to get very wet, had to catch it in plastic cups. The flight ended safely. After landing in Sochi, no explanation was given by the crew.

What is the name of the plane?