Serbia reported on the destruction of three American F-117A by Soviet air defense

"Sorry, we didn't know they were 'invisible'."

Judging by the materials published by the Serbian press and the media, during the war in Yugoslavia, air defense means, represented mainly by Soviet-made anti-aircraft missile systems, destroyed three F-117A stealth aircraft, which is confirmed by earlier information from the side of American military pilots, although the latter claimed that two more bombers were shot down.

In the above image, you can see that three of the 14 F-117A bombers in service with the US Air Force are crossed out, and the caption goes to the image itself "Sorry, we did not know they were" invisible. "

To date, there is evidence of only one downed F-117A aircraft, although the United States is trying to categorically refute this, emphasizing that the incident with the crash of the "stealth" bomber was caused solely by technical problems, and not by a hit by a Soviet anti-aircraft guided missile. Nevertheless, taking into account the statements of the American military and the data of the Serbian media, during the war in Yugoslavia at least one bomber was destroyed and two more were damaged.


During World War II, the Germans needed 1 rounds for the 16000 cannon or 8.8 for the 6000 mm cannon to destroy the 128st Allied bomber flying in close formation. This used guidance through locators and visual guidance stations. How can the eyes of the crews for a single stealth bomber, painted black at night, not get blurry.

and simple long-range anti-aircraft guns and large-caliber ones do not count? are they insured against shrapnel? the main thing is that anti-aircraft gunners do not have oily eyes!