A video of the ATGM hitting the BMP-3 ammo rack appeared on the Web

The infantry fighting vehicle received critical damage after a direct hit by an anti-tank missile in the ammunition rack.

An attempt by the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle to carry out a surprise attack using natural cover was unsuccessful. After the firing armored fighting vehicle was detected, an anti-tank missile was fired at it, literally breaking through the armor of the BMP-3 and, hitting exactly the ammunition rack, this led to the immediate detonation of the ammunition load.

On the video footage published on the Web, you can see the moment an anti-tank missile hit an infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3. On the video frames, you can see that initially there is one explosion, which is the result of a missile hitting the combat vehicle, and a moment later, a much more serious explosion occurs, which is the result of the detonation of the infantry fighting vehicle ammunition.

Considering that the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle is equipped with a 100-mm. weapon, it is logical to assume that the reason for such a strong detonation is just the hit of these ammunition in the ammunition rack.

Video footage, according to preliminary data, was made on the territory of the Kharkiv region during the repulse of the attack, however, apparently, the footage itself was filmed several weeks ago, when very hot battles took place in the region.


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