Armored car destroyed


In Syria bombed a convoy of US military

In the east of Syria, a column of US military was bombed - there are dead and wounded.

A few hours ago, the media reported that unidentified persons attacked a convoy of US troops in Hasaka province after American armored vehicles attempted to enter the western part of the Arab Republic. As a result of rocket fire, at least one American soldier was killed, while at least five more were seriously injured, as a result of which they were urgently evacuated.

Given the fact that the Iranian military and members of the Kataib Hezbollah organization are located in the area, experts believe that these forces are behind the attack on the US military, although at the moment none of the parties has claimed responsibility for the missile bombing of the US military column.

“One Washington soldier died, several more were injured in an attack in the Syrian province of Hasaka. The attack was reported on Sunday, April 5, by the Arab newspaper Al Hayat. Information about the death of an American spread on social networks. Neither the United States media nor the Pentagon commented on the publication. According to the newspaper’s sources, HMMWV’s transport in the United States of America was blown up by a “shell” in the southern part of the province, without an exact location and description of any details. ” - сообщает Information publication "Polit Russia".

Experts believe that the attack on an American military convoy occurred during an attempt to penetrate the western part of Syria by roundabouts.

Yes, just hit a land mine.