In Syria, shot down Turkish drone Anka-S for $ 30 million

The Syrian army destroyed the most expensive Turkish drone.

According to the Syrian news agency SANA, which published photos of the destroyed Turkish drone, more precisely what was left of it, the most expensive Turkish drone Anka-S, worth about $ 30 million, was destroyed in the sky over Syria.

Given the damage, only the engine remained from the Turkish UAV, and part of the wing, the drone, with a high degree of probability, was shot down with the help of the Buk-M2E air defense system, the use of which was previously reported by sources in the Syrian army, since the latter are capable of hitting airborne targets from long distances.

On the other hand, experts pay attention to the fact that, judging by the current state of the wreckage, the Turkish drone was shot down relatively recently - perhaps about 1-2 weeks ago, which raises a lot of questions, since neither the Turkish nor the Syrian side reported this.

Considering the previously provided information, during the relatively short conflict between the Turkish military and the Syrian army, Turkey lost about 50-60 drones in the territory of the Arab Republic, which, however, they are trying to deny in Ankara, however, do not explain the presence of fragments from the Syrian army, which shot down Turkish drones.


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