A drone comparable to the capabilities of the Su-57 crashed in the USA

An American drone, comparable in its capabilities to the Su-57, crashed during its first flight.

The US Department of Defense reported that during the first test flight of its newest simulator drone, which is compared in terms of flight capabilities with the Su-57 fighter, it crashed. As a result of the loss of control of the drone, the latter crashed into the ground and received critical damage.

The 5GAT unmanned aerial vehicle is a target aircraft in which American pilots were to practice air battles against the Russian Su-57 fighter. Nevertheless, the very first ascent of this drone into the air ended in disaster - the aircraft hit the ground at high speed and was completely destroyed - the prototype cannot be restored.

It is known that the 5GAT unmanned aerial vehicle crashed at the end of last year, however, Washington was able to officially recognize this only after a few months.

Experts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that, despite the statements of the American military, its appearance 5GAT does not resemble the Su-57, not to mention the fact that the Americans simply do not know the capabilities of the Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft.

The Russian SU-57 is not a stealth fighter. The main feature of the stealth technology is the shape of the aircraft body (fuselage). To make sure that the SU-57 is not a "stealth" fighter, simply compare the SU-57 hull with the American F-35 stealth hull.

We do not know anything about the capabilities of the su-57, the maximum is that it is a "stealth" fighter and how much stealth it will see in the future, but another matter, we know the technical features and straight from the su-35 the same fighter of 4 but even the engine the same) this fighter cannot be called the 5th generation, because it is no different from the 4th generation, another thing they promise in 2024 a new engine will be a cannon) although at this time the competitors will most likely make the 6th generation)

Where did you sleep? In December, the first was transferred to the troops. Do not be afraid - they will do as much as necessary.

So guys, this is a good copy of the su-57, a direct analogue from Russia, too, the su-57 crashed in the first flight))

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