US Air Force F-16


In the US, another F-16 fighter crashed

The US Air Force F-16 fighter crashed in New Mexico.

The main fighter of the US Air Force F-16 Viper, performing a regulated training flight, crashed in New Mexico. The pilot managed to eject in a timely manner, but he was injured and is currently hospitalized for assistance (minor injuries - approx. Ed.) And additional examination.

According to the information provided, at around 18 pm local time, the U.S. Air Force plane landed at the Holloman air base, but failed to land successfully - in just a few seconds after landing, the pilot lost control of the combat vehicle, as a result of which he was forced to eject. It is known that any serious damage at Holloman air base was avoided.

The command of the American military airbase Holloman and representatives of the US Air Force Command have not yet named the cause of the crash, citing the need for an investigation, but since the beginning of this year this is far from the first US Air Force combat aircraft lost during training flights.