DeepStrike rocket


In the US, copied the Russian "Iskander"?

In the United States tested warheads for analogues "Iskander."

Tests of an improved warhead for the DeepStrike, a new ballistic missile, as developed by Raytheon, have been successful. According to the Defense Blog, flight tests of these weapons will be conducted at the end of 2019.

The tests carried out by Raytheon company consisted in the explosion of a warhead under controlled conditions. According to representatives of the company, the effectiveness of the warhead was higher than the requirements stated by the US Army. Such a conclusion was made on the basis of the mass of the fragments and their distribution as a result of the explosion.

The new missile should replace the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles in service. Raytheon offers this product as part of the US Army Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) program. It should provide care for legacy ATACMS. From the promises of the developers it follows that the new rocket will have the best performance, double the firepower, and its cost will be lower. Remarkable is the fact that in the United States a new missile is called an analogue of the Russian Iskander OTRK, which does not exclude the likelihood that the development could have been simply copied.

At the first stage, the results of the PrSM program are intended to be used only with М142 HIMARS complexes. Until 30 September 2024, all tests must end. After that, mass production of missiles will begin.