The collapse of the light aircraft


In the US, as a result of the crash of an airplane at an air show, the pilot was killed

During the execution of a training flight at an air show at the airport Stewart (New York), small-engine plane crashed.

To date, it has become known that the pilot died as a result of the crash of a light-engine aircraft, while, according to preliminary information, the engine failure was to blame. Based on the official reports, the information portal learned that a plane crash involving a light aircraft occurred the day before, at around 14:XNUMX local time, while the rescuers and medical workers who arrived at the crash site were no longer able to provide assistance to the pilot. , having stated his death from numerous traumas and wounds.

On the fact of the accident happened, an investigation is being carried out, and, according to some information, problems with the aircraft engine were noted by this aircraft a week earlier, with the direct preparation of the aircraft for the air show performance.