UK intends to designate PMC "Wagner" as a terrorist organization

PMC "Wagner" for the first time will be recognized as a terrorist organization.

The British authorities intend to recognize the Russian PMC "Wagner" as a terrorist organization in the near future. A final decision on this matter has not yet been made, as consultations are underway. However, if London nevertheless makes such a decision, then a Russian private military company may for the first time be associated with terrorists, which, for obvious reasons, will seriously undermine the reputation of PMCs and make it impossible for Wagner PMCs to cooperate with a number of other countries.

According to The Times, if the Wagner PMC is qualified as a terrorist organization, it will be a criminal offense not only to participate in it, but also to display the symbols of the organization. It will also become more difficult for her to use British financial institutions to manage her finances. Moreover, there is a risk that after the Wagner PMC is recognized as a terrorist organization, various campaigns may be launched against it, including in Africa, the Middle East and Ukraine.

The founder of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin has not yet commented on the UK's intention to recognize a private military company as a terrorist organization.


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