USS Donald Cook


The probability of a breakthrough of the American ship "Donald Cook" into the Kerch Strait has reached its maximum

The United States ignored the Russian borders - Crimea may become the next "victim" of the Americans.

After the command of the US Navy announced that it did not recognize the Russian borders, the likelihood that the Donald Cook entered the waters of the Black Sea would want to repeat the trick of entering Russian territorial waters.

“The Americans, frankly, took a very serious risk - the Russian military could, after the first two warnings, simply destroy the destroyer with an anti-ship missile, but for some unknown reason allowed the American warship to come even closer. It is possible that the same provocation, but already in the Kerch Strait, can be arranged by the American destroyer Donald Cook. ", - emphasizes the specialist.

At the moment it is known that Russian warships are escorting the American destroyer "Donald Cook" in the waters of the Black Sea, however, given the fact that something went wrong in the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan and the Russian borders were violated, it is very likely that the American fleet is preparing a breakthrough through the Kerch Strait.

By the way, the draft "Donald Cook" - 9,4 m
The depth of the Sea of ​​Azov is on average -7 m (there are even less) and only at the strait itself - about 13,5 m.
The northern part of the sea often freezes over in winter.
The question is, where does "Donald Cook" want to break through ... Stranded? :))

I'm embarrassed to ask, why would an American destroyer break into the Kerch Strait? Or did they recruit kamikaze from all over America to his team?

I remembered Vysotsky's song "Why did the natives eat Cook". It seems that the amers need an incident of Bali, substituting a rusty galosh that nobody needs

The probability has always been 50%: either it will break through or not.

Let in ... And block the strait ...

There was the Strait of Peter the Great, well, they will let him into Azov, and then where is he? To unload tamaghawks in Rostov?

Once the whole team has already written off from Donald ... what awaits them this time ???

"The probability of a breakout ..." "... has reached its maximum .." :)
No one has done anything yet, and it is not easy to do - they will block the strait with a barge and float "McCain back ... No one will even swear into a megaphone from the bridge .... :))

Maybe that's why they let the "macaque" go, so that the "fig" tried to enter Kerch? And there - to intercept him with a full search, as an intruder?