Video of the crash of the F-35 fighter called a shame of British pilots

A video of the crash of the British F-35 fighter jet appeared on the Web.

British sailors circulated a video of the crash of the British Air Force F-35 fighter in the Mediterranean Sea, where you can see that the reason for the fall of the combat aircraft into the water was not an attempt to chase a Russian fighter, as previously reported by the Chinese publication Sohu, but a banal pilot error , which could not disperse the fighter. As a result, the latter fell into the water directly from the aircraft carrier.

On the presented video frames, you can see that when trying to take off, the pilot could not pick up the required speed and already closer to the springboard tried to stop the fifth generation fighter, however, the combat aircraft continuing to move by inertia still reached the edge of the deck and plummeted into the water. The pilot managed to eject, however, his actions caused a lot of negative reviews about the qualifications of the British Air Force.

"God, we trust these losers to protect their country!"

"And in case of war, shall we sink our fighters on our own so that the Russians don't get them?"

The UK Department of Defense has not yet commented on the published video, however, its leak indicates not only problems with the training of pilots, but also with the confidentiality of information.

And what is there to "look for"? Machine for screws and stuffing.

could not pick up the required speed ..
Nicho that he fell into the sea burning? probably saw Putin's shed decided to self-liquidate.

There is no doubt they will hang. Here, the entire American occupation contingent in Syria begs for 100 million USD, but here a "super-duper" fighter for the same 100 million USD is "gurgle" ... It happens. Everyday business

Don `t doubt. They will determine the amount and measure of guilt (him, the technician, other participants in the incident) and make him pay in solidarity. The material responsibility of servicemen is everywhere. Or do you think they are THERE free fighters for 100 million USD distribute (+ work on lifting it and much more)

They, too, how will we hang losses on the pilot?

And after that, they did not know where he fell into the water and were looking for a place?

Do you have some kind of guilt or inferiority complex? They say to you: BRI-TAN-SKO-GO of the fighter, and you: and ours is even worse! According to official information, the reason for the crash of the newest F-35B for 100 (one hundred) million dollars was a plastic plug left in the engine. Oops! And they haven't started fighting yet!

The lift fan door is open. A vertical takeoff with a short takeoff run was performed. What speed set ???

on takeoff? or a little bit wrong?

and we lost 2 planes and nothing ...