Armed forces of Ukraine hit Donetsk from "Himers"

Kirovsky district of Donetsk was hit by MLRS HIMARS.

This afternoon, the territory of the Kirovsky district of Donetsk was subjected to a series of strikes using American-made HIMARS systems. Part of the ammunition managed to hit the air defense, however, there is still serious damage on the territory of the city.

In favor of the successful operation of Russian air defense systems, an entire body of ammunition was found at the site of the fall of the wreckage. There are holes in it, which are traces of hit by striking elements of an unknown missile. Moreover, a missile control unit was also found during the flight.

There is currently no information about the exact direction from which the strikes were launched and how many missiles were fired in total on the territory of the Kirovsky district of Donetsk. However, Ukrainian troops rarely use the HIMARS MLRS to carry out attacks on Donetsk, most often using cannon artillery and 122-mm. MLRS. Destruction was recorded on the territory of houses, where fragments of downed M30 or M31 rockets probably fell.

Information about the victims and victims is not available at the current moment.


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